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◊ Monday Feels ◊

By Chloe Oneill

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A serious groggy + heavy eye vibe this Monday morning. Coffee from bed, oversizes sweaters, and Netflix is where my brains at, but it’s Monday, so I suppose I have to compromise with, well, most of the above options. However, one of the many wonderful things about Fall is the never-ending-permission-slip to wear layer upon layer upon layer of deliciously cozy goodness. It’s true, the more the merrier, which I have to say makes getting out of bed about a million times easier.

Go ahead, feel inspired to not put on real clothes today. Feel inspired to cover your body with clothing equivalent to your duvet cover. You’ll still get stuff done, just in a far more comfortable fashion.



Photo Wears: James Michelle Large ArrowHead Necklace + Crystal Necklace

Monday Feels

Photo Credit: Lolobu


Photo Wears: Cuff Ring + Hammered Bar Necklace

Monday Feels 3

Photo Credit: AvenueLifestyle

Monday Feels 5

Photo Credit: TMagazine
Monday Feels 6
Photo Credit: Something Beautiful 
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Have a cozy one, Lovelies. Xo.