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Blogger + Photographer Collab Challenge!

By Chloe Oneill

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We are looking for FIVE photographers/bloggers who want to do a fun photo challenge with us!

Here’s the deal:

Pitch us your idea for a shoot/story! Going on a rad trip? Having a bonfire at the beach with your friends? Organizing a weekend trip? Have a beach day planned? Have an idea for a fun fashion editorial? Get creative and tell us how you’d incorporate our products into your shoot/story!

Show us some of your past work, making sure to highlight anything that you think really fits our vibe. We love the beach, traveling to new places, the mountains, camping, etc!

What we’d need:
+ Minimum of 5 high resolution photos including James Michelle

What you get:
+ $200 in store credit to James Michelle
+ Links back to your website from our blog
+ A homepage feature on our website with your name & Instagram handle
+ At least one mention on all of our social media accounts

Submit your ideas to and we’ll choose our favorites at the end of October! Can’t wait to hear from you!