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Holiday Bling

By Lee Ladyga

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Holiday Party Jewelry

Looking for the perfect jewelry to wear to the office Holiday party, or a swanky New Years Eve dinner? While most of us love our little black dresses, (because who doesn’t love black?) it’s still important to consider how to accessorize your simple outfit.

Invest in classic jewelry

Have a set of the classics. While statement jewelry is fun to collect and wear, it can be important to have simple pieces of jewelry for more sober occasions, or to pair with your statement pieces.

Invest in simple earrings, dainty chain bracelets, small charmed necklaces with semi-precious stones, hand hammered layering rings and more. Any of these pieces can be paired with big bold earrings, or a large and chunky necklace.

Try mixing up your simple set of jewelry with pieces in gold and in silver. There may be occasions where you want to wear all gold or all silver, but it can be fun to make a statement with simple jewelry in mixed metal pieces. Wearing a mixture of silver and gold layered necklaces is a great way to wear mismatched metals.

Statement pieces

As it’s the holiday season you’re allowed to wear a little more bling with your fancy outfits, but it’s important to stick with only one statement piece per outfit.

Try wearing your hair back and wearing big bold earrings, like the Dew Drop earrings made at James Michelle. Or try layering some long chains together with handstamped pieces for a put together look.

New Year’s Eve Bling

While we usually try to limit the bling on New Year’s Eve, it can be find to add an additional piece or two. We usually adhere to one sparkly or shiny piece of jewelry, but on NYE all bets are off. Don’t go crazy, but add some bold earrings with a large bracelet to complete a look.