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Oregon Grown

By jamesm

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~She wakes up in the mountains and she surfs at sunset~

And you think…. Here is one of these people that will always be a special part of my journey.

Have you ever met someone that sparks your soul. Makes you laugh super hard. And you both are so excited about all of these ideas.  Making jewelry, Crafting, Photography, Fashion, and the possibilities seem endless? You are both interrupting eachother because you don’t feel like there is possibly enough time in the universe to share all of your ideas with eachother? I have met a few of those special ones on my journey and Elora is one of them.  This 19 year old babe showed up on my feed on IG one day.  I instantly thought JM Girl!! I went to her page and it said in her Bio ‘Oregon Grown’. Little did I know she was from my hometown of Bend, Oregon and we instantly hit it off.  When I am around her I forget that I am 20 years older.  And I think she forgets that she is 20 years younger.

Yes, she’s insanely beautiful but her inside is 100 times more beautiful. She is so kind to everyone.  Her dreams are big and beautiful.  She’s like super stoney chill.  She has big beautiful blue eyes.  She’s the girl that even if she is sad on the inside will put it aside to brighten your day.  I am pretty sure her favorite words are ‘thats so dope”. 🙂   She adventurous. Her Family is her everything. If you follow her instagram @itselora you will see her modeling one day and hiking a mountain the next. Her style is (as she would say) kill kill. She’s truly ‘Oregon Grown’ and we are proud to call Elora a JM Girl. And we can’t wait to see her dreams come alive.

Q: Ok, We love your name does it mean anything?
A: By definition Elora means “The Light”. Appropriately enough, according to the people around me I tend to lighten spirits and bring positivity where ever I go. <3

Q: When did you feel that modeling was for you?
A: I realized modeling was for me when I won a contest to be in and American Eagle campaign and had the opportunity to go to NYC to shoot and learn about fashion.

Q: Tell us some jobs you’ve had?
A: Ive gotten to work with some really cool companies so far in my career like, Nike, American Eagle, and  Shwood sunglasses. I’d have to say my favorite job so far has been working with James Michelle!

Q: What are the staples for the perfect outfit? Accessories?
A: My style is always changing but I never leave the house without my rings on! And of course a killer jacket.

Q: Favorite song right now?
A: This is a hard one for me! Its A tie between ‘All I Really Need’ by Vindata, and ‘Drowning’ by Banks & Glass Animals!!

Q: Top 3 muses?
A: #1 Cailin Russo, I’m obsessed with her! #2 Cait / Shannon Barker. #3 Derek Zoolander (lol)

Q: Favorite couple?
A: Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez of course. Could they be any hotter!?

Q: Guilty pleasure?
A: Clothes. I have so many but never enough!

Q: Describe yourself?
A:  Describing yourself is a hard thing to do… if you asked my friends and family they would tell you I’m a spontaneous, creative,  individual with as much potential as I can see in myself. I love to play dress up but I don’t have any trouble getting dirty, I’m not your average girly girl. Im most comfortable adventuring and exploring new territory with my loved ones.