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Rings, rings, rings

By Lee Ladyga

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Rings, rings, rings

Wearing rings has always been fun to do. They’re an easy accessory to play with, and they go with everything. You don’t have to worry about wearing rings like you do necklaces. With a necklace you have to consider your neckline, how will the necklace drape or lay with high or low collared shirts? Rings are simple this way; you can stack them on, wearing multiples or you can wear one in a simple statement. Here are some of our suggestions for our ring lovers.

One big statement ring

Wearing a fun chunky ring has always been in style, in fact we doubt it will ever go out of style. Whether your ring is a huge gemstone or a large silver piece, large rings draw the eye and always make a statement. Try wearing an impossibly large stack of rings or something that is handstamped with a personal message or quote.

Some rings that have become quite popular are wire wrapped rings featuring a large rough cut gemstone, like crystals.

Handstamped Jewelry

Handstamped rings are growing in popularity. Some jewelers can custom create or custom stamp messages or quotes in to discs fastened to rings. Some big cuff style rings are hand hammered to give a different feel and look.


Rings that are stackable, or thin, can be extremely versatile to your jewelry wardrobe. You can wear them separately or wear them together in one big eye-grabbing stack. Typically, you can find different metals, rose gold, gold or sterling silver in stackables, and find different finishes, like polished metal or hammered metal. Some jewelers even make different designs than just a circular band, leaving one end open for a different look.


Mid-rings again are just as versatile as stackable rings, if not more. If you’re wearing a stack of rings or a bigger ring, you can still wear a midi-ring above it. You can also wear midi rings alone, or on a hand with no rings at all. You could wear them on a finger without a ring, but a hand that still does. The possibilities are endless, just like the designs of midi-rings. Some designs are simple bands, and some feature tiny gemstones, or custom wire designs, like hearts or waves.

Experiment with rings, your options are endless. The best news is, you have 10 fingers to play with!