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Blue Crush

Ten of James Michelle’s Must Have Pieces Of Jewelry

Sharing ten of James Michelle’s must have pieces of Jewelry to celebrate the last month of summer. Pieces that you can wear, love, and cherish all year long… From your favorite, simple, gold Double Barrel Ring, to our three timeless chokers, and personalized necklaces and bracelets, we want to make sure you not only look beautiful, […]

Weekly Fashion Favorites

This Week’s Inspiration + Most lusted after BASICS. From White Tee’s, to Fall sweaters, torn jeans + everything in between.  You know those things, those things that could cause a panic attack if found missing? It’s those things that help to keep us sane when all else in life is crazy + unpredictable. It’s those things that we rely […]

DIY // House Plants

Playing house dress-up with cacti, ferns, succulents, and other colorful cuties while using them as house decor, art, + our own personal mood boosters. It’s quite simple, extremely satisfying, and it doesn’t require much of your time. And honestly, who doesn’t love adorable indoor plants? Not to mention, the ways in which you can get creative with this is endless. […]