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Trending bracelets: the New Charm Bracelets

By Lee Ladyga

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Trending bracelets: the new charm bracelets

When we think of charm bracelets we think of the overloaded charm bracelets of days past. Giant chains with ancient roman coins, or a million tinkling little charms. If you’re not the first member of your family to wear and collect jewelry, chances are someone in your family has one of these tucked away in a jewelry box somewhere. While these charm bracelets are a stand-alone jewelry wardrobe piece, the charm bracelets of today have arrived.

Small charms

Some jewelers offer tiny charms now, meant to be worn alone, or in small numbers. The days of wearing one bracelet with a million charms may be far and few between, but the days of layering bracelets have been seeing a surge in popularity. Try layering multiple bracelets, some with chains, some with charms for an eclectic look.

Some charms can be handstamped and customized just for you. Try wearing a couple of initials, or small symbols stamped on charms. Try finding symbols that mean something to you, tell a story with the charms you wear. Wear different charms when you’re feeling a certain way, or just wear charms all the time.

Another trend seeing traction is bangles with charms. Most jewelers offer the chance to customize these bracelets, with an initial charm. Some of these bangle charms will also feature a small wire-wrapped gemstone.

Dainty chains

Another trend is tiny or ornamental chains. Wearing just one, or layering a bunch, can be an easy way to showcase your simple side. Wearing simple chain bracelets with one or two charms is another way to sneak charms into your everyday fashion.

Bracelet Collections

Some jewelers sell collections of bracelets. Two to three bracelets that they sell, that they’ve pulled together to sell as a collection. Some jewelers feature a simple chain, a charm bracelet, and another bracelet featuring a small gemstone. Some bracelet collections give off a beachy feel, like the Aloha Bracelet Set from James Michelle.

There are many different bracelets that classify as charm bracelets, some old, some new. While the classic charm bracelet is an old classic to any jeweler’s collection, try wearing a new version of a charm bracelet. Find simple chains with smaller charms, or bangles that you can customize yourself with handstamped coin-like charms.