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Ways to Protect and Care for Jewelry in Winter

By Lee Ladyga

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It’s important to take extra care of your jewelry in the winter months. There’s a lot of outdoor activity, sweater snagging and hazards that can befall jewelry in the winter. So use these tips to keep your jewelry safe during the snowy months.


Wearing a chunky sweater in the winter is a must, but be careful what jewelry you wear it with. Jewelry and knit fabrics sometimes don’t mesh well together. Necklace clasps or earrings can easily snag your sweaters. This can be equally as harming to your jewelry as your sweaters. Our tip: Consider which knits you wear with what jewelry. Always put your sweater on before you put your jewelry on.

Getting outdoors

If you spend time snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, etc. consider going without your usual bling. Wearing your jewelry while on the mountain puts you at a higher risk for losing jewelry or damaging it. If you’re getting active outdoors, you run the risk of chipping or breaking your jewelry as well.


Consider the rings you wear, when it’s time to put on gloves or mittens. Wearing a big chunky ring with a pair of warm gloves can get uncomfortable. If it hurts enough you might take your rings off, when you’re out and about, and again you run the risk of losing them.

Make sure your rings fit properly during colder weather. Your hands and fingers tend to shrink or constrict in colder weather. Be sure that your rings fit and aren’t at risk of falling or sliding off. Do a quick shake test when putting rings on, if they feel loose or like they might fall off, it might be better to go ring-less or wear smaller sized ones. Be careful taking mittens and gloves off, as this is when it’s mostly likely to happen.


Be sure to keep your jewelry clean. Dirt and grime can build up over winter, and in colder weather the speed of tarnishing can accelerate. Try to limit your jewelry’s exposure to cosmetics, lotions, hair products, etc. as they contain chemicals that can damage the surface of your semi-precious stones or metals. The safest way to clean gems is with mild soap, warm water and a small brush.

Consider how you store your jewelry. Light can be damaging to some gems and metals, so if your jewelry is stored in a place that receives more sunlight, your gems may change color and your metals may tarnish faster. Jewelry boxes can come in handy for things like earrings, rings, or bracelets.

Take Away

Wearing jewelry on any day is fun, but in the winter, think about what you’re doing that day before you put it on. Just as in the summer, if you were going swimming, you may not want to layer it on. Same goes for a day spent on the mountain or snowshoeing.