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Brave is Beautiful

Brave is Beautiful was founded by Owner and Designer Jamie Israel.  Suffering from Lyme Disease for the last 10 years her journey has been a long and hard one.  Only 6 years ago she was fighting for her life and homeless.  She had lost both of her parents and her marriage.  “I remember getting care packages from complete strangers.  The would send me a box with a sweet Get Well card and a few gifts like a candle, some advil, a book, a teeshirt, a movie.  I always would break down into tears.  I could not believe that a complete stranger that I had never met would take time out of their day to do all of this for me.  I will never forget in particular this sweet lady from San Francisco wrote a card to me.  On the inside she wrote, ‘Jamie, I know how bad you want to give up. Please trust in God. Please do not stop fighting. I promise it will get better. Don’t forget how loved you are. Take Care, Tivela  ~ ‘Brave is Beautiful, And you are very Brave.’

Of course I burst into tears.  I don’t know what I would have done without these complete strangers rallying for me and carrying me through.  I remember thinking to myself.  Someday if I can ever help I am going to do something.  It has always been a whisper in my soul.

My life has changed so much.  No, I am not better from Lyme but I am not homeless anymore. And anyone suffering from Lyme knows what a big deal that is.  I have hope again.

I’ve kept thinking of how I could give back while also dealing with an illness.  I remembered all of those cards and care packages from people and what they meant to me.  I still hold every word close to my heart and can remember every little gift.  And of course it only makes sense to me that I named it ‘Brave is Beautiful’.

Each month we will send a care package to someone suffering from Lyme Disease.  Our vision is to do that same that was done for Jamie.  Show someone that they are loved, that they are not alone, and that there is hope.  Jamie wants to turn this into something huge.  We cannot wait to share our journey with you and share with you.

We hope that you will stand with us in helping others.