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Behind the Scenes SS15 Look Book

By jamesm

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It all started with a thought. My sister and I had gone on a trip last fall and we were just hanging by the pool. She was like, How cool would it be if Rocky Barnes was wearing your jewlery? I was like, Ummm it would be amazing!!! Like a dream. Like I might actually pass out.
Fast forward 6 months and here I am standing in our small airport in Bend, Oregon waiting for Rocky Barnes to land. I have to admit…. I was a tad nervous. Is this really happening? Is Rocky fucking Barnes flying into little ole Bend, Oregon to sport my jewels? Sorry for the language but its the only way I can convey how I was feeling being that I was homeless just 5 years ago. I mean she is like one of my favorite models. Out she walks cool and casual. I think I was expecting her to be walking off of a runway fashion show… Oh, yeah, and maybe in a bikini with her hair blowing in the wind. Yeah, thats normal. A girl walking through the airport in a bikini. LOL.
The next day the photographer Ben Christensen, Hair/Makeup Suzie Kim, Rocky Barnes (she actually goes by Rachel, Rocky is her nickname), and I started out our adventure to our destination of Smith Rock State Park. A gorgeous breathtaking International destination for rock climbers around the world. Just these huge beautiful rocks out of no where in the middle of our High Desert and Farmlands. Surrounded by Juniper trees, Sage brush, Sage Grass, and The Crooked River winding its way through. The rocks are gigantic and all different hues of oranges, browns and pinks. Pictures really don’t do it justice. The air smells like sage brush and juniper with a crisp clean mountain smell. It was a beautiful sunny day.
We talked the whole way out there and I told Rocky my story. How I started making jewlery and how I literally was homeless when I started. She gave me a huge high five and said, “Girl Power, Girls Rule.” And isn’t she right? I mean we really do!!
I had 3 of my good friends already out there with RV and wardrobe ready to rock. Kira Sheppard helped style but she couldn’t actually be on site so my sweet friend April Lawyer helped me. Tricia Flanary and Hannah Pederson helped assist with outfit changes and runs back and forth from the RV. When you are on a photo shoot here are some essentials; boob tape (its rad and it really works), music (our beatbox would not work so bring a backup), a mirror, snacks, extra blankets, lint roller, wardrobe ready, and a homemade mood board.  It really helps show your team your vision and your aesthetic. Plus if you have it saved on your phone thats good but trust me… We all had to rotate charging our phones. They can go dead fast. I just love the old fashioned mood board.
We showed up and Rocky was literally ready to Rock!! This girl does not miss a beat. When I say a true professional…. she is more than that. It was freezing ass cold. And she was half naked all day getting it done. I kept asking her if she wanted to take a break and she was in one outfit and on to the next. I was like, Is this girl going to take a nap or sit down for 20?
Ben Christensen our Photographer is probably one of the coolest people I have ever met. He has this positivity that makes you smile ear to ear. Such a cool dude. He’s like drinking Red Bull and dancing around while taking epic pictures. Energy for days. And making everyone laugh and smile.
Suzie Kim is so sweet!!! She gave me like 20 hugs and she may have cried a couple of times along with me…. She is such a lovely human being. I had admired her work for a long time. I also love that she does Hair + Makeup.  She flys all over and works with models and actresses. Her and Rocky work together often. You could tell they were close.
It took me six months of prepping.  I spent nights making jewelry because I still had to make jewelry and take care of that thing called life. I made new designs,  I had to schedule and plan.  And the hardest part was I had to keep it a secret! Wait….. I did tell a few of my closest friends.  That doesn’t count right? 🙂 I put my heart and soul into this.  And I hope you all love and enjoy!! xoxo Jamie