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Fall Jewelry Trends 2016

By jamesm

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Fall is slowly creeping up on us, and it’s always the hardest time of year to figure out what jewelry to wear. What sort of necklace do you wear with your turtleneck sweater, right? Here’s our guide and a few fall trends.

Fall trends

Pearl necklaces are seeing a rise this fall. Try wearing a wire-wrapped pearl necklace with a handstamped charm for a delicate feel.

Wearing a few chunky wire-wrapped gemstone rings can be a great pop of sparkle with a big comfy fall sweater.

Choosing to wear some statement earrings, or dusters, featuring wire wrapped gems or pearls can be a great way to add jewelry to a difficult neckline. Dusters, or long earrings that ‘dust’ your shoulders are becoming quite popular. Try longer dangling earrings, with a pulled back hair style so everyone can see how dramatic your jewelry is. If you’re brave or bold, wear only one for an asymmetrical look.

One of falls biggest trends is pairing earthly necklaces, with chunks of calming crystals or gemstones, with a simple top, blouse or sweater. This is an easy trend to master, layering necklaces on is always fun.

Fashion is still loving the choker trend, so invest in some, whether they’re handstamped bar necklaces or dainty choker chains, it’s guaranteed to get noticed.

Charms are also a big fall trend – charms on rings, earrings and necklaces. Necklaces with clusters of charms and wire-wrapped gems are growing in popularity.

Mixing silver and gold can also be a great way to wear some of your favorite pieces together. Dip your toes into this trend, as it may feel weird to those diehard fans of all silver or all gold. Try wearing a gold ring and earrings with a silver chain. Mix it up and figure out how you can incorporate both metals.

Wearing sweaters with jewelry

When the weather turns cooler you want to snuggle up and stay warm. It can be difficult to keep your favorite necklaces in your wardrobe rotation when the necklines of your sweaters get higher and higher as the weather cools.

Try pairing a handstamped choker with a big fluffy sweater for a slightly more Parisian look. It doesn’t matter if it’s handstamped jewelry or a small chain with a gemstone is what you have, try it with a higher necked sweater, and it just might make a statement.

You can always fall back on the old standard of long layers of chains and stones with a boatneck or open necked sweater. Chains seem to be a trend that is here to stay, its effortless and quickly becoming classic.

A trend that also graced the runway this fall, that’s perfect for sweaters, chokers and long layers paired together. One short and one long necklace really draws the eye to the jewelry.