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Handstamped Jewelry

By Lee Ladyga

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The popularity of handstamped bar necklaces and other jewelry grew in past years, and now it seems the trend is here for good. There are a ton of ways to rock this trend, with necklaces, earrings, rings and more. Find handstamped pieces from James Michelle, that inspire you.


Find earrings at James Michelle that feature handstamped pieces. Handstamped earrings come in all shapes and sizes.

James Michelle offers a long bar earring, hung vertically with hand stamped letters or symbols on them. These earrings often can come alone, or adorned with charms or wire-wrapped semi-precious stones.

Find earrings with small disc charms, they’re perfect for handstamping with symbols, like pineapple, a heart, a wave, etc. You can even customize disc earrings with initials.

Handstamped bar necklaces

Necklaces are one of the easiest ways to feature handstamped pieces with your wardrobe. If you’re looking for a simple gold bar necklace, to customize, find it at James Michelle Jewelry.

You can find a gold bar necklace, and customize it with coordinates, names, initials, symbols, the options are endless. Some necklaces even offer the chance for an addition of a gemstone, charm or two.

The large disc necklace offers the most space for handstamping. If you’re looking to incorporate a longer quote, rather than a name or two, this is the necklace for you.

Handstamped Rings

Try wearing a handstamped ring, instead of a necklace. Some rings feature a larger disc, like the necklace, that can incorporate longer quotes.

You can also wear a handstamped ring with a fresh symbol on it, like a heart, wave or pineapple. Another great way to wear rings like this is to feature a handstamped initial or two on the ring.

Take away

If you haven’t invested in new handstamped jewelry for your jewelry collection, you should try it. Check out the handstamped options at James Michelle Jewelry, and see what speaks to you. If rings, necklaces or earrings inspire you, check out the many ways you can customize them to your liking.