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How to Update your Wardrobe with Jewelry

By jamesm

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Feeling like you want a style makeover, or just wanting to give a little life to your existing wardrobe? Updating your jewelry can make you feel like a whole new person, and can change the way you see and wear your clothes.

Statement pieces

Finding some bolder pieces can help change your wardrobe. Finding a bigger necklace, that will draw attention away from whatever it is you’re wearing can be key. Bigger jewelry pieces can be conversation starters, often people notice a big necklace first. A larger necklace like a raw crystal piece can change the feel of your wardrobe.

Finding larger earrings will draw attention to your face, and away from your outfit. Try using gemstones that highlight the color of your eyes. Wearing your hair back, in a low pony or high bun, can also show off statement earrings.

Try wearing simple clothing, no patterns, just basic white, black or neutral colors. Piling on jewelry while wearing a minimalist and simple outfit can really make your outfit look updated. Try layering several different necklaces or bangles for a put together look. Simple earrings, long or post can also help to pull together a look.


A great trend that seems to be here to stay is layering. If you have a high necked top, that you never wear, try it out with long layers of chain. Drape two to three long necklaces on, and it will change the neckline of the shirt, from a modest one to a playful one.

If you have a lower cut or v-shirt, try two or three shorter chains. Bar necklaces that are handstamped are a popular trend. They look great with a slightly longer chain and a charm. You could even try layering a choker and a slightly longer chain for the triple layering effect.

Try layering a longer handstamped dog tag or circular pendant, that’s stamped with a quote or phrase.  Add this with a shorter chain with or without a charm for a longer layering look.

 Take away

A little inspiration from new pieces of jewelry can change the way you see your existing clothes. You may be inspired to wear your wardrobe in different ways, or use clothing pieces in a new or different way.

If you’re tired of your existing wardrobe, try going back to the basics. We all have simple and neutral clothing hidden away somewhere. Try wearing this for a while and focus on your accessorizing. We all know playing with jewelry is fun, and purchasing jewelry can be a much less expensive option to breathing life back into your everyday dress up.