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Incorporating Gold and Silver into your Jewelry Collection

By Lee Ladyga

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Maybe you’ve always been a gold wearer, or maybe you gravitated toward silver jewelry. It’s now become trendy to mix and match the two metals together. Here are some tips and tricks from us, as to how to do it gracefully.

A great way to start wearing both gold and silver is to start with simple pieces. Perhaps you want to wear gold studs and a silver necklace, or maybe it’s something bigger like silver bangles with a gold ring. Wearing the two metals is totally doable, and really trending at the moment.

Wearing necklaces in layers is a great way to wear both metals. Try layering a gold and silver necklace, maybe a dainty chain or a handstamped bar necklace. This layering technique can really tie the two different metals and looks together.

Some watches even come with both metals incorporated in them, and they’re a great way to get your mixing and matching off to a great start.

If you’re a fan of rose gold, it’s always fun to mix that with silver pieces as well. Try wearing rose gold earrings and silver studs, if you have more than one hole pierced in your ears.

It can be easier to start with really small gold accents if you’re used to wearing more silver. Try adding a simple gold midi ring with your favorite silver pieces. Some pieces of jewelry even incorporate the two metals in them together.

Gold is great metal to get into in the fall. Gold has a lot of complimentary colors that go hand in hand with fall color. Deep purples, ambers, maroons all look great with gold jewelry and accessories.

If you have favorite pieces in each metal, try wearing them together in ways that you’re comfortable. Invest in some new pieces if you don’t have things you like pairing together. Buy a small wire wrapped gemstone necklace, or new handstamped jewelry. Maybe a new cuff or bracelet is what you need to start wearing both metals.

So try some layering or some mix and matching, however you feel comfortable wearing mixed metals. Check out options for necklaces, handstamped jewelry, rings, gemstone jewelry and more.