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October Lookbook

By Chloe Oneill

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The air is getting colder as Fall quickly slips between our fingers, giving way to the dark of winter. You can see golden hues dance across the desert landscape, and an abandoned pink trailer in the middle of the field, silhouetted by the setting sun; the perfect night to capture this golden look, simple braids, and the timeless layering of some of James Michelle’s favorite pieces…

The Dog Tag Necklace + Hammered Gold Bar + Mini ArrowHead Necklace + Large Crystal Necklace + ArrowHead Necklace paired with crystal // cuff rings + The Triangle Arm Cuff worn by the lovely, Mercedes Hurzeler.

See Lookbook below.


James Michelle-2

James Michelle-5

James Michelle-3




James Michelle-13

James Michelle-1

James Michelle-11

James Michelle-14