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Why Personalized Jewelry is So Much More than Just a Necklace

By jamesm

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Open up a jewelry box, and you may see a bunch of rings, bracelets and bar necklaces that can barely fit inside. Yet there is so much more sitting in that box. There are memories, events, special occasions, love and friendship associated with each piece of jewelry that was placed lovingly inside.

Personalized Jewelry Creating Sentimental Memories

When you are handed a personalized bracelet or charm with your name on it, it creates feelings of happiness, joy and love for the person who was so thoughtful to give it as a present to you. There is so much meaning when someone hands you a gift that is handmade jewelry, because they took the time, effort and thought to make something that is tailored for a specific person or event.

You may have hand stamped jewelry commemorating the day when you first became married, when you graduated from college, or when your children were born. You may give a person a hand-stamped bar necklace with a date that signifies a special event, such as the day they became cancer-free or stood strong during a trying time in their lives, to show the love and support you have for them.

Charms Creating Nostalgia that Lasts a Lifetime

When a person is handed a piece of personalized, handmade jewelry, they will remember you for a lifetime. They may not remember all the details of the special event or occasion. But they will remember how much your love and friendship means to them. Each time they see that bar necklace or other piece of jewelry, they will be filled with positive emotions. Also, handmade jewelry and bar necklaces can be passed down from generation to generation, creating a sense of nostalgia about a certain day or for a certain person from the past as the memory lasts throughout the family.

There are many special occasions and events where you can give a person hand stamped jewelry.

  • birthdays
  • holidays
  • weddings
  • baby showers
  • graduations
  • anniversaries
  • or just about any significant event or time in the person’s life

You may also give out handcrafted jewelry to remember the first day you met them, shared a kiss, or became friends. You can place a person’s name, a meaningful phrase, a short poem, a date, symbols or even coordinates on the personalized bar necklace or charm. The personalization is open to you as you can focus on the statement or name that has true meaning to the person who will receive your thoughtful gift.

Consider Personalized, Handmade Jewelry as Your Next Gift

Instead of just picking up a piece of jewelry at the local retail store that almost everyone has, make a special statement by getting handcrafted jewelry that has been personalized for the special occasion, event or someone that you love. They will love it endlessly because you gave them such a special gift from the heart.