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Tropical Jewelry for Spring Break

By Lee Ladyga

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If you’re headed somewhere tropical for a little spring break getaway we’ve got your resort jewelry covered. If you’re sticking around beautiful Central Oregon for break, we’ve got some tropical-inspired jewelry to help you feel like you’re getting away.

Handstamped or Bar necklaces

There are lots of ways to customize gold bar necklaces, but giving them a tropical feel always helps. Find a quote and add it to our Disc Necklace. Adding a pineapple stamp or a wave stamp will also help the piece feel more tropical.

Check out our pineapple hammered disc for a piece that will make you wish you had a tropical drink in your hand. Even if you plan to head up to the mountain for spring break, wear this piece to remind you of warmer and sunnier days to come this summer.

If you need more inspiration, and want to feel like you’re near the crashing waves, check out our “I am the waves” disc necklace, featuring the quote “I am the waves. You are the ocean.”


If you’re wishing you could head to the coast or sit on a warm beach, check out our wave ring. A handmade wire ring, made in the shape of a crashing wave is sure to inspire you.


If you’re looking for cool blue tones, to mimic the color of tropical waters, there are plenty of pieces with gemstones that will inspire the calming effect of the water. Find our summer breeze earrings, made with organic semi-precious cool blue stones. The stones are wire-wrapped onto two big hoops, made in either silver or gold. These earrings are the perfect finishing touch to your swim suit and a flowy cover-up.

If blue isn’t your color, James Michelle Jewelry has plenty of other earrings that are beach and ocean inspired. Check out the Sea Gypsy earrings, made with clear faceted fluorite stones, strung across wire teardrop shaped hoops.

Head to James Michelle jewelry for all of your vacation jewelry needs. Find dainty choker necklaces, perfect for beach-wear. If bigger earrings are your style on the beach, so as to avoid a tan line, check out the many wire-wrapped earrings featured. As always, enjoy your spring break and your beach escape.